Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hudson turns 7

Happy Birthday Hudson, you are seven!!! How did this happen! You have grown and matured so much this past year. Don't get me wrong, you still have lots of "my way or the highway" tantrum moments but the good outweighs the bad.  You  are so much bigger than last year, like a lot bigger! Like 10-15 lbs heavier and 5inches taller . We will find out for sure at your check up .  You wear a size 10 in everything, you actually skipped size eight and went right to ten!  You talk constantly about having a healthy body and worry about what you eat...sometimes.. Yet you are still a picky eater!  You are still head and shoulders taller than most of your peers and most people are genuinely surprised when they hear how old you are .
You and Lawson have a love hate relationship at the moment...totally drives me crazy!!!!  When you are apart you are both  sweet, kind boys but when you are together it's like a WWF prize fighting competition.  You  CAN'T keep your hands to yourself! Totally drives me bonkers and makes me want to flip my lid. I don't know what it is, if Lawson has a toy he really is in to, you take  it. If he is watching a cartoon you change the channel. It's seriously like you wake up scheming about how you can piss your brother off that day! I know you secretly love your brother even though you told the entire Sunday school class you would give up your brother to be a better Christian and totally didn't blink an eye and hesitate in your answer.
So your sport of choice at the moment is hockey. If someone told me seven years ago on the eve of your birth that in seven years I would be spending my evenings in a cold hockey rink watching you try your little heart out I would have thought they were on crack. Let me just tell your little seven year old self, I have never seen a kid with more heart and determination than you. You compete with kids that are better than you, bigger than you  and faster than you, yet you never once complain or give up....minus constantly telling us your skates are too tight!  What a lesson you teach to dad and I! In your mind you have no limits and disabilities. In your mind there is no limit to what you can or will do and you swear you are going to be a Dallas Stars Hockey player one day. I sure do wish that for you too...and not for the purely selfish reason like you putting me in a really nice old folks home!
The reality of it  all is you will probably only get to play for a few more seasons before it just gets too physical and we can't risk you hurting your eyes.
The eyes, oh your poor eyes. Apparently you won the genetic lottery on this..we officially know for sure since the DNA test (that was so much fun, mommy loves having a nervous breakdown in front of strangers!)  confirmed your diagnosis and showed us that you have a never recorded gene mutation . You are truly one of a kind and apparently very interesting to research scientist!  You don't ask much about your eye problems  at the moment which is great! Not sure I could hold it together to try to explain your diagnosis to you where you could understand it. You do know you need some additional help with certain tasks and that's ok!
You are an amazing kid. Amazingly smart, amazingly resilient  and amazingly caring. You are probably the most dramatic member of our family yet the most structured. You are the "bad word" police for myself, dad and Lawson. You are a rule follower and very much know the difference between right and wrong. I hope this never changes!!! Everyday you demonstrate to everyone the purest kind of love and innocence there is and I hope the NEVER changes.  You never meet a stranger, always shake hands with everyone you meet (kids included) encourage everyone with kind words and expect nothing in return.
You're pretty awesome and dad and I are unbelievably lucky.  I guess you're lucky too  cause we are pretty awesome parents too!!! Ha ha!
Hope this year is wonderful and magical and all that you want it to be!
Love you lots !

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lawson turns three!

Lawson turned three August 31st and he of course wanted a Wiggles party! We had a great time celebrating with some of his little friends and their parents. His favorite gift by far was a set of Wiggles dolls that sleep next to him every night!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hudson's first day of Kindergarten

It's so hard to believe that's baby started kindergarten this fall and boy is he ready! We waited an extra year just so he could "grow up" a little more. Hudson was a little upset when he went to meet the teacher and saw how much bigger he was than the other kids. He has also been a little bored with the lessons for the first few weeks, he told me, "I learned this stuff when he was three!" There were a few challenges the first few weeks, especially about getting out of the car and going into the gym and getting up and getting to school by 7:45!  Funny story about getting out of the car, our elementary school has a police officer that stays there all day and helps out. The kids LOVE officer Frank!!! Each morning he works the car line and helps the children out of the cars, when it starts to get a little closer to the bell some of the teachers will also come out and help. One morning I was taking Hudson and we were in line waiting for officer Frank. Well, a random teacher comes up to the car to get Hudson out. She opens the door and Hudson immediately yells at her "NO!" Slams the door and locks it! 

Hudson's & his many parties

As it always seems to be with Hudson, we celebrated his birthday not once but three times. He had a really fun bowling party at Main Event with some other boys from school, a "sonic" party the Sunday before his birthday and of course we had to celebrate on August 13th the day of his birthday. Here are some random cell phone pics...

The birthday boy requested a Sonic cake, mommy requested minimal blue icing!!!

Finally 6!!!

Lawson driving his tractor in his usual summer attire...

Hudson's one main birthday request was breakfast in bed...

Brother wanted in on the fun too!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hudson is 6!

So at 6:55 P.M. on August 13th Hudson turned 6 years old. How can that be? I was just at the hospital having him!!! It's amazing to see the little person he has grown into. I know every parent says that their children are awesome, but this kid really is. When someone really gets to know Hudson, well beyond a visit or two here and there, they can see what a unique individual he is.  He is one of the most kind hearted, compassionate little boys I have ever met. He loves his family and especially his little brother with all his heart and totally tolerates it when Lawson is being a stinker and messing with him or his things. He very rarely lifts a hand to hurt Lawson and if he does, (which is usually a steroid induced thing) Hudson is always very quick with an apology and an "I forgive you" which is his way of saying I'm sorry! He is also just as quick with an "I love you" to his brother, dad or I. He still has the innocence of a little kid and doesn't understand when other kids are not being so nice to him, this makes for a really mad momma! He always wants to do things with Jody and I, mostly go golfing or swimming, but on the other hand he is totally comfortable entertaining himself if need be. Six is ushering in a few sets of obstacles that we haven't seen before or at least for a few years. There are some anxiety issues concerning sleep. This has been an underlying issue all of his little life and has reared it's ugly head again since moving in the new house. There are still some emotional outburst, but I feel like these are usually explained by tiredness or having to be on medication for asthma. We also are still dealing with some fine and gross motor skill issues as a result of his vision loss. All of this is minor in the grand scheme of things and just add to who Hudson is! His dad, myself and most of his teachers feel like he is extremely smart on a different analytical level. He doesn't always find the easiest solution to a problem, but takes it about three steps further. He is my little math geek and loves all things numbers. He is great at addition and some multiplication. Anything involving arts and crafts last about a minute. He is finally agreeable to do such projects, but will get through it as fast as he can! He would much rather build a ten story marble maze tower than draw a picture! He is still my brilliant video gamer and has several video games that he has "won", erased all his information on them and started all over again. My wonderful Hudson finally starts Kindergarten in a couple of weeks and it makes my heart hurt a little to think of him in a new school with new kids all by himself. I know Hudson though and he will make best friends with every kid in that class by the end of the first week! The chapter in his life of me controlling almost everything he does and effects him is finally coming to a close. I have no control over what will go on at school and how other kids will treat him. I've always said, "people either get Hudson or they don't," and those that don't usually write him off pretty quick. We have been so blessed that he has almost always had preschool teachers that understood him and his needs and generally loved him and I have prayed and prayed that we get a similar teacher this year. The one thing I am confidant in is that I feel I have raised. (so far) a really great kid and he will make good choices at school. Plus it doesn't hurt he is almost a foot taller than the other kids!!!
Speaking of being tall, Hudson is almost 65lbs and around 50inches tall, (we head to the pediatrician next week so I'll have to update then). He is wearing size 8 jeans, shorts and shirts and a size 1 boys shoes. I even had to buy him size large underwear, seriously! He is huge. Especially in comparison to these little four year olds that are entering kinder!
He has lost his bottom two teeth so far and I anticipate the top two to come out sooner than later. He loves to ride his two wheeler bike, swims like a fish, loves to golf and play tennis and of course enjoys computer and video games. We officially discovered this summer he does in fact have a peanut allergy as well as walnut and almonds, so he has learned that he CAN NOT have anything with nuts in it. We are now an official epi pen carrying family!
To my sweet boy, I wish you the happiest of birthdays and I hope 6 is everything you dream it to be and the best year yet!
I love you to the moon and back!!!!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

So we built a house...

So way back in 2011 we started to talk about taking the plunge and moving to Southlake, literally 15 minutes from our current house. Everything we belonged to or did was in Southlake. The kid's school, doctors, church, friends, you name it was located there, not to mention it would cut out around 20-25 minutes of commuting time for Jody. We also knew that if we moved we wanted it to be before Hudson started Kinder, so we wouldn't have to switch schools at some point. We had looked at some properties and some prebuilt homes but nothing felt right. One day I saw a listing for a new subdivision and went to check it out and fell in love with the location. At that time there were no houses built yet. Jody did a little research and found out that one of the developers was an acquaintance of ours that developed our other neighborhood in Keller. That pretty much sealed the deal and before we couldn't put too much thought into it our house in Keller was on the market and we had plans drawn up to build a new house. Very exciting! So the plan was to start construction in May of 2012 to be completed by late November of 2012. Sounded great to us, especially since it seemed to be taking awhile to sell our other house. Of course as I would suspect happens in most custom home building jobs, it drug on and on and on. We finally sold our house in late October 2012 and moved into a rental home in our old neighborhood in November. Construction seemed to be at a crawl during the winter months and then our "new" house seemed to be jinxed. If something could go wrong, be installed wrong or get stolen it did! Needless to say after totally replacing all the granite in the kitchen, outdoors and laundry, ripping out tile and redoing it in the master bath, repainting the house at least three times both inside and out, redoing the concrete patio at least twice, having the copper in the house stolen, the outdoor appliances stolen and ALL of the indoor appliances stolen we finally moved in late April. We still had workers at the house almost everyday for two weeks after that, but at least we were in our new home. So after almost 15 months of the whole construction process, we finally moved into our beautiful, new house and we all absolutely LOVE it. We have already had some great parties here and we can't wait to host more and be here for many years to come!!!